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What People are Saying About Happy Tappy Girl...

I have so much love and gratitude for the love that you gave me and a deep knowing that I was spiritually guided to be coached by you last year.   Your presence, your ability to really allow someone to feel your heart centered love was so felt.  It was genuine.  It was sincere and it was exactly what I needed.

I truly believe I could not have taken the actions I took had I not had your love and support on a consistent basis. You had an intuitive knowing that I needed loving gentle care as I healed what needed to be healed while stepping into a power within myself.

Laura Cullen

Doing coaching sessions with Cathy was amazing! While I do this type of work for myself and others, Cathy created and held space for me to uncover some more pieces to my own personal puzzle. I feel more balanced and more at peace on all levels. I think with this type of self growth work we are often trying to get rid of, or release the parts of us that we don't like. This puts us in resistance and in a place of not accepting part of ourselves. We fight and try and use willpower to shut that part down, when it really is just doing it's best to keep us safe. When we can learn to acknowledge and accept all parts of ourselves it creates a place where you are much more balanced, grounded and authentic. I love this journey and am so grateful that Cathy was a part of it!

Cheryl Hughes