Self-Care is so important. Unfortunately, Self-Care can become one more thing that we add to our "to do" lists.

If you want Self-Care to be easy and effortless then you need my 3 Divine Self-Care Secrets.

Women are the creators of the world and we are magnificent multi-taskers.

Consequently, we tend to take on too much. We do not need one more thing added to our “to do” lists. We all have enough to do already and why Self- Care is so important in the first place.

However, it can become a potential source of irritation and guilt if you can't seem to make time for it or figure out how to do it “right”.

Thankfully, a DIVA knows that Self-Care is effortless. It is more of a mind-set verses something that you have to physically do.

Are you ready for the 3 Divine Secrets to Self-Care that will help you leave your Zombie moments behind for good?

Here they are and they are not what you might expect:

  • FEEL All of Your FEELINGS
  • Give Yourself PERMISSION to do NOTHING

This is how I practice Self-Care and I invite you to practice it in the same way I do.

Feel All of Your Feelings

There are so many rules around feelings and emotions.

Women have so much pressure on what we are allowed to feel and how we are allowed to express what we are feeling. Truthfully, it is exhausting and takes up way too much of our energy.

The easiest way to free that energy up is to just let yourself feel whatever you feel in each and every moment.

This may sound simplistic because it is. Self-Care does not have to be hard or complicated. It is a way to honor yourself and allows you to stay connected to yourself and what you need.

A great way to do this is to be completely honest about how you feel. It may be a bit uncomfortable at first because you are not used to doing it. Most of us struggle with our emotions and try to logically talk ourselves in or out of feeling certain things. I promise you that the more you allow yourself to feel whatever you feel in each and every moment the easier it becomes.

You may also notice that as you begin to do this, some feelings may stick around for a while. This is actually a good sign. We spend so much time trying to keep these feelings under control that when we allow ourselves to feel them they can come out like a waterfall.

Keep in mind that no feeling lasts forever. Just stick with it and I assure you that they will pass. Like waves of an ocean they will flow in and out.

Have a Relationship with Your Inner Child

Having more fun and creativity in your life is another easy way to connect with yourself and what you need.

A healthy relationship with your Inner Child can give you the fun and creativity you crave.

We are all super busy and it is easy to go into Zombie mode with all of the demands that we have in our lives. We jump from one task to the next and can lose our ability to have fun. Especially the kind of fun that a child experiences. Child like fun is carefree and doesn’t cost a thing.

All you have to do is ask your Inner Child what they would like to do, what they want more of and listen to what comes into your awareness.

Sometimes they may want to skip, twirl, color, go outside or just daydream while looking at the clouds. I promise you that when you start listening to your Inner Child, life automatically becomes sweeter.

I have been known to skip to my mail box from time to time or twirl around my kitchen on a moment’s notice.

If you feel like you have lost the connection to your Inner Child do not worry, you can get it back.

Whenever you are in front of mirror simply say I love you Little Me (or you can say your name), I am sorry if you feel like I have abandoned you. I am here for you now and you are never alone. How can I love you more today than I did yesterday?

Again, just notice what starts to pop into your awareness.

You can always give yourself hugs and tell yourself how wonderful you are. If you are feeling upset or scared, talk to yourself as you would talk to a small child.

You will be amazed at how easy this becomes and how much more loving and compassionate you become with yourself.

Give Yourself Permission to do Nothing

While taking action is important, it is equally as important to spend some time just letting yourself simply "be".

There is no way you can know what you need or want if you are always doing something and never taking a reflective moment to check in with yourself.

A few years ago I found a diary that I had when I was 10 years old. Almost every entry I wrote said that I had done some activity and then “relaxed”. I chuckled at first wondering what I was doing as a child that was so exhausting that I always had to rest afterwards, especially when a lot of what I was doing was playing and having fun.

Then I realized that I when I was younger I inherently knew when I just needed to chill out and give myself a break. It had nothing to do with being tired.

For the past several years I have adopted this practice and it is so powerful. I find it utterly amazing how when I give myself permission to do nothing and let myself "be" I actually end up getting more accomplished.

In addition to accomplishing more, what I am doing is more fulfilling, loving and supportive of myself.

If you are thinking that you could never do this because you have too much to do I can relate.

Start out with taking a few minutes or seconds for yourself even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom in order to do it.

You can also just take a few deep breaths to help clear your mind and build from there.

The more you practice the easier it will get.

That's it.

Continue to practice my 3 Divine Secrets to Self-Care and live like the DIVA that you were born to be.



Step Into Your Power and Own Your Lovability,

Cathy Hamilton