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Are You Owning Your Lovability?

Hello Lovable DIVA Ones, I made this video a few hours before I learned about the mass shooting in Las Vegas. I keep my exposure to current events and the news at a minimum. Recently, that has been more of a challenge. Anyone who knows me also knows that Las Vegas is my happy place.…

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Do I Dare Get More Personal?

Hello Lovable DIVA You, Last week I got personal with you and told you that I don’t want my daughter to go to college. I cried as I typed the newsletter. It was so freeing to be so openly honest with what I was feeling. As last week progressed I could feel myself relaxing into…

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Are You Ready to End Your Relationship with Struggle?

Hello Lovable DIVA You, I decided to end my relationship with struggle. As a professional woman, I live in a world where action is king. Whether I am at the office for my corporate job or working in or on my coaching business there can be that underlying pressure to get things done. With all…

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