Cutting Through the Noise

Hello Lovable DIVA You,

What is becoming apparent to me with the work I have been doing myself and with others is that we are all feeling the affects of not owning that we are lovable.

I am not referring to being more loving with yourself or loving yourself unconditionally. These are both important and Loving Yourself in Each and Every Moment is one of my 5 Key Principles of living a Divine Inspired Vibrant Alive LIFE.

What I am referring to is owning that you are lovable simply because you are here. When you own your lovability in this way, you automatically step fully into your power.

As I continue to grow, I love sharing what I learn with you and having you grow with me.

When you are in the land of self development you are met with so many different programs, private coaching, healing techniques and ways for you to “better” yourself. This can become both costly and an energy drain when you are trying to determine what is best for you.

I have done a short video series for you so that you can cut through the noise and make better decisions for yourself. Over the years I have moved away from thinking of this as self development, as I feel that this keeps us on the hamster wheel of “something is wrong with me” and I have to change it. This is also how we continue to operate under the assumption that we are not lovable and not powerful.

A lot of self help offers quick fixes. This quick fix approach is enticing because it calls to the part of you that knows that you are both powerful and lovable and we want to start living through that truth right now. That part of us no longer wants to live within the I am not lovable or powerful lie.

Where we get stuck is that if we don’t accomplish the outcome that the quick fix offers us, we beat ourselves up.

We will think either we have done something wrong or the program is wrong. Then we go for the next quick fix. This is how we stay on the hamster wheel of “something is wrong with me” and I have to change it.

I have moved into thinking of self development or self help as self discovery. When it becomes all about self discovery we no longer have to put parameters and conditions on what our lives have to look like in order for us to be considered successful and happy.

It helps us to operate from the truth that we are lovable and powerful.

I talk more about this in the videos….


Cutting Through the Noise Part 1


Cutting Through the Noise Part 2

I hope this is helpful to you as you continue on your self discovery adventure!



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