EFT, Tapping Into Your Power

Cathy Hamilton

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique has been one of the most powerful tools I have ever learned and used.

We are all taught to think positively and to not focus on the negative.

Yet, what are you supposed to do when life seems to be crashing down around you and you feel like everything is one big struggle?

That is what happened to me while I was going through my divorce and dealing with the aftermath years afterward.

I felt like I was living through various moments of a Zombie Apocalypse movie.

  • When the virus strikes and chaos completely ensues.
  • When the containment team tries to keep order and maintain some type of normal.
  • When everyone is trying to keep safe by not getting bit by a zombie.
  • When you become a zombie yourself.

Thinking positive and using affirmations were not helping.  A lot of times feeling positive was not even accessible.

And then it happened...

I was introduced to the one thing that finally helped, EFT, Tapping!

EFT, Tapping Into Your Power

In this class:

  • I Explain What EFT, Tapping Is.
  • I Explain How EFT, Tapping Works.
  • I Share My Story and How EFT, Tapping Changed My Life.
  • I Teach You the Basic EFT, Tapping Recipe/Protocol.
  • I Tap With You So That You Become Familiar With the Process.
  • I Perform Tapping With a Brave Participant to Further Demonstrate the Process.

What You Receive

  • EFT, Tapping Points Demonstration Video
  • Prerecorded Class
  • Basic EFT Recipe PDF Download
  • Tapping With Shortened Set Up Phrase and Statements PDF Download
  • Tapping for Traumatic Event PDF Download

You deserve a Divine Inspired Vibrant Alive LIFE.

With EFT, Tapping Into Your Power you can achieve one.

Feel the FREEDOM.

Experience Your POWER.

I Want To Tap Into My Power