EFT, The Powerfully Sexy Side

Cathy Hamilton

This class is for you

If you would like to take what you know about EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique to a whole new level.

You are new to EFT, Tapping and would like to know more about it.

You are an EFT Veteran or Healer and would like to learn new ways to use the technique.

EFT, The Powerfully Sexy Side

In This Class...

  • I Teach You Additional Ways To Use EFT, Tapping.
  • I Teach You How to Utilize EFT in The Most Effective Way for YOU Individually.
  • I Introduce You to My Heart Centered EFT Technique.
  • I Explain Why My Heart Centered EFT Technique is So Effective.
  • I Take You Through My Heart Centered EFT Experience.

What You Receive

  • Prerecorded EFT, The Powerfully Sexy Side Class
  • Finger Tapping Points Demonstration Video
  • EFT, Tapping Points Demonstration Video
  • Prerecorded EFT, Tapping Into Your Power Class

In This Foundational Class...

I Explain What EFT, Tapping Is.

I Explain How EFT, Tapping Works.

I Share My Story and How EFT, Tapping Changed My Life.

I Teach You The Basic EFT, Tapping Recipe/Protocol.

I Tap With You So That You Become Familiar With the Process.

I Perform Tapping With a Brave Participant to Further Demonstrate the Process.

  • Basic EFT Recipe Downloadable PDF
  • Tapping With Shortened Set Up Phrase and Statements Downloadable PDF
  • Tapping for Traumatic Event Downloadable PDF
  • Additional Ways to Use EFT Downloadable PDF

You deserve a Divine Inspired Vibrant Alive LIFE.

With EFT, The Powerfully Sexy Side you can achieve one.

Feel More FREEDOM.

Experience More of Your POWER.

I Want To Experience More Power and Freedom

For the Powerfully Sexy Price of