Are you tired of not being able to be honest about how you are feeling? Even if that feeling is a “good” one?

Are you tired of always “doing” and just “numbing” out?
Losing touch with you feelings all together…

If you are tired of all of the rules around feelings...

  • What you are allowed to feel?
  • How you should feel them?
  • Why you should feel them?
  • When you should feel them?
  • How long you should feel them?
  • Then my Feeling the Feelings You Want More Of is for you!
Feeling The Feelings You Want More Of - Cathy Hamilton

This short meditation will guide you in...

  • Learning why it’s important to let yourself feel “all” of your feelings!
  • How to gain clarity on what you want to feel more of!
  • Understanding that “feeling” makes life easier, increases creativity and you have a lot more fun!

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Feeling the Feelings You Want More Of