I have combined traditional EFT with another energy healing technique called Inner Reconciliation™. I call it Heart Centered EFT. It is a very powerful combination that enables my clients to work through their issues in a very gentle and effective way. It is unique to other types of modalities used in self-healing and self-development and it is something that every DIVA needs in her tool belt. It honors each person as a whole and also every time and moment of themselves that has experienced some type of trauma or emotional and energetic upset.

To understand how these 2 techniques blend so beautifully together I will describe both techniques starting with EFT. I promise I will only get a little scientific because I am really not a scientific kind of girl.

Traditional EFT

When we get stressed it affects the amygdala part of the brain which feels and registers emotions. The amygdala takes care of our survival and the primary emotion is fear. Once it gets stimulated, it releases stress hormones into the body and puts us in the "fight or flight" response.  When we are in a prolonged state of stress the amygdala stays in a state of high alert and gets overstimulated. When this happens all of our energy is blocked from going to the prefrontal cortex where reasoning and problem solving occur.

Stress hormones are released including cortisol which floods our system, leaving us in a state of overwhelm. Essentially, the cortisol shuts down the creative center in our brain. This is what causes our inability to think thru a problem, adrenal fatigue, sleeping problems, etc.

The good news is that EFT actually reduces cortisol levels and consequently reduces stress. It uses ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine that manipulate the body’s meridian points in order to do this. So when you are experiencing all of the stress and trauma as a result of being in the various stages of a "zombie apocalypse" you can use EFT to reduce that stress and release all of the energetic blocks that are stored in your body as a result.

The technique was introduced by Gary Craig and Adrienne Fowlie and is based on the work of psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan. It entails “tapping” on different acupuncture points on the body. It is essentially acupuncture without the needles. You can use it on absolutely everything and it is extremely easy. No equipment is necessary other than “you”.

The basic technique requires focusing on a specific issue, emotion, event, etc.

You then rate the intensity of what you are feeling on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Then, by either rubbing on the sore spot(s) or hitting the karate chop point as marked in the below diagram, you say a set up phrase – such as: “Even though I have this _____, I deeply and completely love and accept myself” 3 times. This helps your subconscious get “tuned in” to what you want to release.

After you have said the set up phrase, you tap on the points as detailed in the below diagram about 7 times and repeating a shortened version of the set up phrase – such as: “this _____” as you tap on them. You then can go and say a positive round such as: “releasing this _____” while tapping on all of the points.

Take a deep breath and drink some water (it helps move the energy around and get rid of all of the “ick” that has been released). Then you rate the intensity again. Generally, you keep tapping on the issue until it optimally gets down to around a 0 or a 1.

That's It!

As you become more familiar with tapping you can modify the technique to suit your needs.  Sometimes it is not necessary to say the set up phrase or you can change the set up phrase to something that you are more comfortable with saying and resonates more with you.  You also may find that you want to stay on one of the tapping points for a longer period of time. You can even do it silently and just tap thru the points as you are thinking the phrases or just tap a couple of rounds without saying or thinking anything.

Tapping also works well if you just focus on an emotion that you are feeling like fear. Just let the feeling “be” and tap thru the points until you feel some relief.

While you are talking to someone about things that are bothering you also works well. You literally tap the points when you are talking with someone. A favorite of mine is to do the “tapping rant” when you are really upset. Simply focus on the problem while tapping and yell, scream and pretty much just let her rip. This is very fun and “productive complaining”. It feels very calming too.

If you would like additional information my free EFT, Tapping Into Your Power Class is an excellent resource.

Please reference the diagram below for the tapping points and also the video which helps illustrate the technique even further.



TH = Top of the Head
EB = Eyebrow
SE = Side of the Eye
UE = Under the Eye
UN = Under the Nose
CH = Chin Point
CB = Collarbone
UA = Under the Arm
LP = Liver Point
WR = Wrist Point
Sore Spot or Karate Chop
for "Set Up Phrase"




Inner Reconciliation™

Now onto Inner Reconciliation™...this process is taught by GP Walsh and he describes it as: “Inner Reconciliation is a total shift in your relationship with yourself. It is an acceptance of yourself and everything that is a part of you as natural, desirable and necessary.” ~ GP Walsh

It is an extremely simple process. So simple that it is sometimes challenging to get your head wrapped around it because you think that something that it is so powerful must have at least 100 steps to it in order for it to work.

It doesn’t.

You literally allow yourself to tune into the energy, emotion or general feeling of some type of angst and become the observer of it. You simply let it “be” with no agenda.

There are fundamental principles behind IR and the main theme is that you are not broken. Everything that is going on in your life is happening in order to protect you and not to hurt you. There are different energies within you. Each of these energies have their own purpose and they naturally go into conflict with each other. Because you are never broken, these energies do not need to be fixed or changed. They are the key to what we need in order to feel free from struggle. Our healing comes from reconciling the differences in the energies and not trying to change them.

The process is the core of unconditional love and acceptance of yourself.

EFT blended with Inner Reconciliation™ make my Heart Centered EFT process very effective in showing you how to live from your heart with freedom, passion and purpose.