Hour of Power Will Change Your Life!

Hello Lovable DIVA You,

I am so excited to bring you my Hour of Power Monthly FREE Group Meditation Call. Some of you jumped right in and registered after I sent my newsletter last month or have registered during the Self Improvement Gifts11 Free giveaway.  If that is the case, you are already on the mailing list and have received the call details (and I will be emailing them again so you don’t have to dig through your emails to find it).

The first free monthly call is on Monday, January 30th and it will change how you want, desire and take action.

I have worked with a lot of people as well as done and continue to do a lot of self discovery work myself.  In doing so, over the years I have developed 5 Key Principles that enable you to fully connect with yourself, step into your power and let your Inner DIVA, that Divine Inspired Vibrant Alive part of you, live out loud.

The first Principle is to Allow Yourself to Feel the Magic of Possibility.

You already do this without even realizing it. Every time you want something, someone or yourself to be different in any way, you are already recognizing that something else is possible.

You may experience this in a moment of happiness, excitement, joy, anger, sadness, frustration or despair.

The idea or ideas will start to flow……………..I want to write a book, make a career change, do something creative, have deeper relationships, get into a relationship, get out of a relationship, get healthier, get thinner, make more money…

It may be something less specific yet equally as powerful as I want/deserve BETTER, I want/deserve MORE.

You can feel that moment when you see yourself standing on a mountain or a roof top screaming YES, that is what I want. You feel good, you feel justified and then it hits you………..

How am I going to make that happen?

Take the needle off the record………….everything that you have learned and experienced that makes you think twice about your reality being able to change stops that “want” dead in it’s tracks.  Zombie mode kicks in and you stuff that want or desire back down where it belongs, unheard, unrecognized, unfulfilled and FRUSTRATED!!!

Until now…

All you need to do is keep feeling that want or desire and the rest will literally take care of itself……..

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Enjoy the day Lovable One and remember how amazing you are!



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