I Want To Celebrate With You

Hello Lovable Divine Inspired Vibrant Alive, DIVA, Ones!

I want to celebrate with you. I have a special offer for you after I share a bit of my 5 year Happy Tappy Girl adventure.

One of my 5 Key Principles in letting your inner DIVA live out loud is allowing yourself to feel the magic of possibility.  When you do that it gives you the freedom to feel your wants and desires and reconnect with what makes you happy. You stay connected to yourself and open yourself up to receiving more love, health, money and intimacy in relationships. Essentially, you open up your second chakra receiving channel.

This year I have really been putting this principle to the test and observing how it has all been unfolding.

Initially, after my experience with breast cancer I wanted to have a website where I connected people together to help them through their own experience with cancer. I had no idea how to do that, all I knew is that I felt like I was being called to do something and that seemed like a logical action to take.

I am always in some phase of self-discovery. In fall of 2011, I was doing Margaret Lynch’s Inner Circle program when she asked me if I had ever considered being a coach myself.

It was one of those moments when the clouds open and the angels play their trumpets because you have an epiphany. I thought to myself, hmmm…I had never considered becoming a coach.

I have to say I felt really excited about it.

Margaret’s sister in law had just recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. She asked me if I would be interested in putting together a program and work with her sister in law. If I was, she would ask her sister in law if she was interested in working with me. This way I could determine if being a coach felt like the right path for me.

I was nervous and inspired at the same time. I put together a program of what we would be working on and forwarded the information over to Margaret. Her sister in law was interested and we scheduled her first session.

I loved it!!! (So did she).

Her sister in law and I continued to work together.

That following spring, Margaret launched her year-long Rock Stars On A Mission program which was designed to help heart centered entrepreneurs make a greater impact with their businesses. She asked me if I wanted to do the program and I eagerly said yes.

I had a 5 year plan to get my coaching business fully operating and I wanted to make sure I supported myself. My college degree and finance background ensured that I could handle the “business” side of things. I wanted to ensure that I was able to honor and support my clients in the way that they deserve.

Six months into the program one of Margaret’s coaches had another opportunity that she wanted to pursue. This left an opening within Margaret’s organization. She asked me if I would be interested being a coach within the Rock Stars On A Mission Program.

I said yes. From that point, it was a whirlwind. I became one of Margaret’s top coaches. I became the first 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation coach and also coached in all of her other programs.

I loved it. I was gaining experience and confidence working with amazing women (and men). I was coaching clients of my own as well.

In 2015, I felt called to spend more time focusing on my Happy Tappy Girl coaching business and decided to step away from coaching the Rock Stars On A Mission program to provide some space for growth. I remained a coach in Margaret’s other programs and began to really allow myself to feel into what I wanted for Happy Tappy Girl. I wanted to make a bigger impact with my specific mission.

I had to allow myself to have a fluid identity so I could go with the flow and allow myself to change and grow. (Having a fluid identity is one of my key principles that I spoke about last week and if you missed it you can read in my last post “Heal Relationships with a Fluid Identity”).

I had begun with a mission of helping women who had some type of experience with cancer and it was evolving into something different.

The more women I worked with it became clearer to me was that there are different types of women who really want to step into their power. There are the ones who take charge, jump into action and do do do and there are ones who take charge, ease into action and feel their way through the doing.  Both are extremely strong and effective.

What is important to understand is which way feels the best to you when you take charge. What is also important is understanding if what feels the best to you is really the way that honors and supports you or if it is the way you think you need to be based on your family, care givers and society.

For most of my life I acted as the type that take charge, jump into action and do do do. Most women do this because we can all do a lot and that is what we are taught as the socially acceptable way to be.

You do do do and when you are done you get to rest.  Which by the way, is never.

Now, I can go like the energizer rabbit when I am focused on something. I have been like that my entire life and it used to get me into a lot of trouble. It put me in what I like to call “zombie” mode. I would just mindlessly go along and do what I thought I had to do according to the rules and expectations of everybody else and I was extremely disconnected from myself.

It took a long time for me to own the fact that I really was the type that takes charge and moves into action in a gentler way. I love taking action and I also love taking action in a powerful and honoring way that supports me and how I want to feel.

I realized that the powerful and honoring way that I take action embodies my feminine energy. I spent the majority of my life ignoring my femininity let alone owning it. (More on this topic in another newsletter/post). Yet, the more I continued to step into my power and embrace my feminine energy I found more of that Divine Inspired Vibrant Alive, DIVA, that was inside of me. I kept giving her a voice and letting her live out loud. She keeps getting louder and I love it.

This has been pinnacle to my coaching business and how I work with my clients. I help them be mindful when they are taking action and they way they are do do doing is in a honoring and supportive way.

Earlier this year, I stepped away from coaching for Margaret all together. I felt a bit like a baby bird leaving the nest. I was both nervous and excited about what my next steps would be and what the future held.

As the year progressed, I continued to allow myself to feel the magic of possibility, focus on how I wanted to feel and give myself the space I needed to create and delight in what shows up.

I gained clarity, was able to take inspired action in ways that honor and support me as well as feel empowered.

I am experiencing a reemergence.

I feel differently, how I see myself in the world is different and the vision I have for Happy Tappy Girl is different. It feels amazing and liberating.

This is how I want all of you to feel and what I help women experience.

It’s Happy Tappy Girl’s Grand Re Opening and wouldn’t you know this month is the 5 year anniversary of its inception.

Excitement is on the horizon and you will continue to notice changes that are taking place.

To celebrate, I want to present you with 2 special offers for the month of October, 2016 only:

“Embracing My Power” 3 Session package for $255.00


“Empowerment Tune Up” 1 session package for $95.00

The sessions do not have to be done in the month of October, they just need to be purchased in the month of October.

These packages are at significant savings (over 50%) and are my way of saying thank you for your support and playing a vital role in allowing my dream to become my reality.

If  you want to take advantage of this significant savings and celebrate with me please go to my Contact Me page and send me an email. I will connect with you so we can get to work :).

I will be with you again soon.

Until then allow yourself to feel the magic of possibility and see what starts to unfold.

I love you!


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