Cathy Hamilton is the founder of Happy Tappy Girl and is dedicated

to showing 1,000,000 women how to

Step Into Their Power and Own Their LOVABILITY
so they can LIVE the Divine Inspired Vibrant Alive, DIVA, LIFE they deserve.

She obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration at Cleveland State University and has spent over 24 years working at a privately owned international corporation where she is their Finance Director.  Her experience with breast cancer is the catalyst that inspired her to become an Empowerment Expert.

Cathy was introduced to the world of metaphysics in a class she took in college. She can remember the day her professor said “You can create your own heaven and hell right here on Earth, the choice is up to you”.  She was both impassioned and empowered by this concept.

She studied the teachings of Louise Hay among other energy healing modalities and applied the power of affirmations to her life.  Struggling through a divorce years later sent her further down the path of self-discovery where she was introduced to the energy healing technique called EFT or "tapping".

It was with EFT that she began to understand the power of feeling ALL of  your emotions and the beautiful healing that can take place when you allow them to flow through you instead of trying to control them.

When she was faced with breast cancer she brought this understanding to a new level and developed 5 Key Principles that helped her find the Divine Inspired Vibrant Alive, DIVA, inside of her, give her a voice and started living out loud. These 5 Key Principles are now the foundation of the work she does with her clients and students.

Once she was on the other side of her experience with cancer she knew that she wanted to share what she had learned and practiced with others. She worked with mentors who deepened her understanding of the chakras, the energetic disruptions that take place within them and the overall mind/body/spirit connection. She became a certified Inner Reconciliation™ Facilitator and is an EFT Practitioner.

Cathy is a wife, mother and entrepreneur who understands that it is difficult for women to make themselves a priority. Her strong love and compassion combined with her spiritual intuitiveness creates a safe place for women to heal, reconnect and step fully into their power.

"Together we are building our DIVA Nation one woman at a time".

- Cathy Hamilton