Are You Ready to End Your Relationship with Struggle?

Hello Lovable DIVA You,

I decided to end my relationship with struggle.

As a professional woman, I live in a world where action is king. Whether I am at the office for my corporate job or working in or on my coaching business there can be that underlying pressure to get things done.

With all of the pressure of action, struggle shows up like an old familiar friend.

As important it is to take action, it is equally important to allow yourself to simply “be”. You won’t believe how much you can accomplish without an ounce of struggle by allowing yourself to stand still. This is something I have been embracing fully for the past couple of years.

It’s also been something that has put me to the test the past few months. I was sailing along doing my EFT class series, feeling really good about the direction my coaching business was taking and then slowly I could feel the brakes coming on.


In the past, I would have tried to push and force my way forward.
Hello struggle!!!


This time, I embraced it.
Bye bye struggle!!!


I really thought that 2017 was going to be the year of smooth sailing. In a lot of ways, it has been. So many pieces of my current puzzle have fallen into place and continue to do so. I can clearly see all of the progress that has been made and continue to gain clarity around what I would like to come (especially in my coaching business).

At the same time, my entire household has been experiencing big changes. Ones that have required me to expand my comfort zone, boundary setting and leading in ways that I never have before. Huge energetic shifts have occurred. Patterns have had to be disrupted and replaced with ways that are more supportive of who I am and what my purpose is.

If I had kept pushing myself and focusing on action, action, action I would have completely missed what I was supposed to be paying attention to.

I would not have allowed myself to observe and learn how I was keeping my identity stuck, refusing to allow anything to change.

I would have continued my dance with struggle.

Allowing myself to “be” has shone the light on where I have been working against myself without even realizing it. I am allowing myself to feel raw, vulnerable and honest about what has been and what currently is right in front of me.


It has been messy and it’s been uncomfortable.

It has been so worth it.


My power of “being” has set the stage for my husband and daughters to “be” with themselves as they are navigating through their changes as well.

No one feels like have to hide what they are feeling and we are giving ourselves and each other the space we need to honor what is happening, to be scared of the unknown, to mourn the loss of what was and to feel the excitement of what’s to come.

It has also had a positive impact on my business. As I was allowing myself to be fully present with “being” a system that I had never thought about needing before literally created itself on its own. The actions steps I need to put it in place are unfolding before my eyes with no effort at all.

So, if you find yourself in a state where you feel stuck, like things are not moving fast enough or that nothing is moving at all, I guarantee that more is going on than you are consciously aware.  Do not try to power through, beat yourself up about how you are not doing enough, wanting enough, or force yourself to “just do it”……………


All of this just creates more struggle.


Instead, take a moment (or days, weeks, months) to “be” and allow the Universe to deliver the important and unique message it has for you. You will take action again. When you do it will feel like magic.

I want to celebrate the end of my relationship with struggle by helping you end the relationship with yours. If there is something that you are in a state of struggle with I am offering a 40% off Summer Sale on my 3 session package for a limited time.


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Please simply respond to this email if you would like to take advantage of this amazing offer.

It is always more effective when you are working with someone. This is why I always work with a coach or mentor myself.

You are worth the investment.

Love you,


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