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What is Tappy Hour?

It is a FREE Monthly Group Coaching Call

Each call is always BYOI (Bring Your Own Issue).

There is also a new topic for each month.

We will be tapping on what is coming up for you specifically related to the topic of the month or for whatever is going on in your life that you need support with.

The call is Q&A style which means that anyone on the call has an opportunity to speak directly to me about what they are experiencing related to the topic or something that they are dealing with in their personal life.

I will be using my Heart Centered EFT process with everyone on the call as a group.

I begin each call with a meditation using the Inner Reconciliation TM technique to help everyone tune into more of what is happening inside of them in relationship to the topic of the month or to whatever is causing any type of stress or angst.

Then everyone will have an opportunity to work with me individually by using EFT to assist the energy.

What Does Group Coaching Give You?

There are times when doing private coaching sessions may not be appropriate or you want to add additional support to the work you are doing privately.

Working in a group can be very powerful. In a group setting you have the ability to work on your own issues specifically as well as the ability to borrow the benefits when others on the call are working on theirs.

Our issues may want to stay hidden in the shadows. Many times we do not even recognize what the issue is or that we even have one because we have been programmed and conditioned to think that this is just the way it is.

We believe that our discomfort is normal and something we just have to live with.  I like to refer to this as living in Zombie Mode.

When others are working on their issues it can uncover what pain and discomfort that living in Zombie Mode is causing us to experience in a very gentle way. You can have a shift or experience relief that you might not have been able to access in an individual session or on your own. You feel more Divine, Inspired, Vibrant and Alive or what I like to call a DIVA.

You will gain access to more of your POWER.

New to Tapping (EFT)?

No worries, we will do an overview at the beginning of the call.

You can also visit to become more familiar with the process.

How Do I Register?

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All calls are recorded.

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