Do I Dare Get More Personal?

Hello Lovable DIVA You,

Last week I got personal with you and told you that I don’t want my daughter to go to college. I cried as I typed the newsletter. It was so freeing to be so openly honest with what I was feeling.

As last week progressed I could feel myself relaxing into the situation again. This past weekend as my husband was helping my daughter pack her clothes I felt a glimmer of excitement and was inspired to drink a cup of coffee out of my official College Mom mug that we bought when we were visiting the campus.

I bought some care package items for her at the grocery store along with lunch items for my younger daughter who is starting high school the day before we move my oldest into the dorm.

My oldest heading off to college is not the only big change happening in the household.

When I got divorced I had a shared parenting plan with my ex which meant the girls spent one week with me and then one week with him and it rotated like that for years.This started when the girls were 7 and 3. I hated it.

In my EFT, Tapping Into Your Power Class I shared that I was in an emotionally abusive marriage and went through a very bitter divorce where the emotional and mental abuse extended to my daughters both during and after the divorce was final.

If you have experienced a divorce and have an abusive ex I know you can relate to what both my daughters and I experienced. It was heartbreaking, frustrating and disempowering. It took years for all of us to get to a really good place in our relationships.

My youngest just moved in with me full time at the beginning of this month. She still sees her biological father and has learned to stand up for herself and set excellent boundaries in ways well ahead of her age.

My oldest has been living with me full time and has not spoken to her biological father for the past 2 ½ years. She just officially changed her last name to Hamilton and calls my husband Dad.

After everything we have been through as a family it was an extremely proud moment. He has loved both of my daughters and has always treated them as his own ever since he came into their lives.

When I say that he was exactly what we all needed it is an understatement. Meeting him, falling in love, marrying him and creating the strong family we are is nothing short of miraculous. Words cannot express how much I adore that man and appreciate what we have.

Together we have raised some amazingly powerful Little Women (as I affectionately call them based on my love of the novel).

This summer has been all about endings and new beginnings.

During my Tappy Hour call on Friday I shared that as these changes unfolded over this summer I have been going through each one of my 5 Key Principles.

I have felt the magic of possibility and allowed myself to feel the excitement of what is to come. With that came the realization that my identity as well as the identity of everyone in my family was going to have to change in some way. I have had to make peace with parts of my past. I have had to love myself in each and every minute by allowing myself to feel the effects of the changes. I have had to take care of the skin I am in by being honest about what I am feeling and what I need so I can allow myself to be supported.

Any time anything changes you automatically go through this.

If it’s something big it’s very obvious because the change is obvious: a child leaving, a new job, getting married, getting a divorce, experiencing a death, a birth, ending a current relationship, starting a new relationship but even the small stuff can do this to you.

You might have a new fitness goal, or decide that you want to sign up for a class or program, or that you are no longer going to do a specific activity that you have done for years or that you are no longer taking on a particular work or home responsibility, or maybe you are trying to travel more, travel less.

The bottom line is that every time anything changes means that something is ending as something else begins.

We all experience the excitement of feeling into what’s possible. When we think of what’s possible it requires us to have a fluid identity so we can be flexible, change and grow. This brings our attention to parts of our life that we need to make peace with, that we are not particularly proud of or that we can’t seem to move past. We find times and moments of ourselves that we need to forgive, that we need to understand better and reconnect to so that we can love ourselves unconditionally.  This helps us take care of the skin we are in so that we honor who we are and what we need.

No matter what is happening in your life you are using one of these 5 Key Principles as you are experiencing it.

If you are not familiar with my 5 Key Principles you can access information about them here.

Life is constantly changing. There are aspects about you that are constantly changing. Staying connected to yourself and understanding what is happening makes the changes easier to navigate through and struggle disappear.

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Until we are together again remember how amazing you are….I love you.


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